Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program!

Please review the following eligibility requirements to see if you are a potential candidate for this scholarship:

Eligibility Requirements

To apply to the Sequoia Awards Scholarship Program you must:

  • have performed voluntary community service
  • be a high school Senior
  • reside at a Redwood City mailing address

To be considered for the Sequoia Awards Scholarship Program you must:

  • submit all required application forms and documents
  • submit the completed application package by the deadline – October 31
  • provide only truthful and accurate information
  • be present at all required interviews

To receive a Sequoia Awards Scholarship you must:

  • meet all eligibility criteria listed above
  • be selected to receive a scholarship
  • attend the Awards Banquet on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park (there is no cost for you or your family to attend)

To continue the Sequoia Award Application see links below.

Instructions for Completion of Sequoia Awards Scholarship Application

Fill in the Form Online

To complete the online form you will need digital copies (pdf preferred) of:

  • Your official high school transcript
  • Your letter of recommendation
  • Your Student Essay
  • What have you learned from volunteering or what has volunteering meant to you.
  • Student Volunteer Activity Summary

Once you’ve got that, proceed to the Online Form.

Mail Your Forms to the Sequoia Awards

Step 1

Read Sequoia Awards Student Scholarship Application – General Information

Step 2

Fill in Sequoia Awards Student Volunteer Application Form and Sequoia Awards Student Volunteer Application – Student Volunteer Activity Summary

Step 3

Gather your official high school transcript, your letter of recommendation and student essay and prepare for mailing.

Step 4

Mail your application package to:

The Sequoia Awards
P.O. Box 2355
Redwood City, California 94064

Extra pages may be attached for responses.