Aureliano Davila

Davila-001Aureliano immigrated to the United States when he was one year old. His family faced many challenges and as a child his parents explained to him that they needed and depended on the help of others to obtain the bare necessities. His parents also explained to him the concept of paying it forward and that one day they and particularly Aureliano would be in a position to help others and it would be their responsibility to help. One would not have thought that this lesson would have stuck so early or that Aureliano would have given back so much in this brief period of time but that is just another surprise from this remarkable young man. Aureliano has been an extremely active volunteer with the Siena Center where he teaches Yoga and tutors children from disadvantaged families. He has volunteered with the Sheriff’s Activities League and Project READ at Fair Oaks Elementary School. At Sequoia, Aureliano has been instrumental in the running of the Gay Student Alliance. Aureliano says that through volunteering he has come to understand the value and importance of community. In the years to come, it is clear that Aurelaino will continue to pay it forward to the communities he belongs to.