Edwin Cano

Cano-001Edwin Cano explains how he came to understand intrinsically how volunteering was not just doing something and not getting paid for it, but instead is an investment in yourself, your community and your future. Edwin, himself a child of migrant immigrants, understands personally the issues his community faces.  He is not afraid to get his hand’s dirty helping.  He has logged 400  hours helping his home and school community by working to lower teen pregnancies in his school, facilitating open discussions and explorations of the issues with the Youth Advisory Board.  He improves his neighborhood with the Healthy Corner Store Makeover – encouraging Fair Oak’s Businesses to provide healthy alternatives and reducing their promotion of tobacco and alcohol.  Finally he serves as Treasurer for the Migrant Youth Program helping other students to learn how to succeed in the Sequoia High School District and get into college. Edwin is an inspiration for his community!