Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for the scholarship?

  • Be a high school senior – live in Redwood City
  • Have performed significant, uncompensated, volunteer activities

I attend a private high school, am I eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, if you meet the above requirements

I attend Sequoia High School but I live in Menlo Park; am I eligible for the scholarship?

No, you must physically live in Redwood City.

I live in Emerald Hills/ North Fair Oaks; am I eligible for the scholarship?

Probably yes. Addresses in Emerald Hills and North Fair Oaks are considered part of the greater Redwood City. You are not eligible if your home’s postal address is in the Town of Woodside, or your neighborhood is traditionally considered under another city’s sphere of influence.

How much are the scholarships?

In recent years we have awarded multiple scholarships of $5,000 and one scholarship of $20,000

How do I apply for a scholarship?

The nomination form is on our website:

It can be requested by phone from Andy Frisch at 650-363-2423 ext 4, or with the assistance of your school’s college guidance counselor. Submittal of nominations can be by mail or fax or email; use the “Contact Us” button on our website. The deadline for nominations is October 31st.

What information is the Sequoia Awards looking for in the application?

We are most interested in your recent volunteer activities completed at school, in the community, through a religious organization, or on a broader level nationally or internationally. We are less interested in your academics, athletics, hobbies or those activities completed earlier in life. We utilize that background information only to gain a better picture of the applicant, but we are primarily interested in your non-compensated voluntary community service.

Is there a minimum number of hours of volunteerism required?

No. The evaluation committee is just interested in your personal experience with volunteering in our community.

Does my letter of recommendation have to be from my guidance counselor?

No, the letter sponsoring your nomination can be from any non-relative who is familiar with your volunteer work.

I cannot attend the awards dinner; is this problem?

Yes. Attendance at the awards dinner is mandatory. Scholarships have been forfeited due to lack of attendance; only the most extreme circumstances have been allowed as an exception to this policy. If you are interested in a scholarship you should plan on being available the night of the dinner in early March.

How and when do I collect the scholarship?

After you submit proof of enrollment in a post – secondary educational institution, your scholarship will be processed. You will receive instructions after the awards dinner.