Manuel Espinoza

Espinoza-001Manuel Espinoza was introduced to volunteering through the Police Activities League (PAL) in Redwood City. Manuel’s boxing coach approached him about sharing his knowledge and skill with younger participants. What started out as an assignment to coach kids in boxing grew into a passion for mentoring youth in life. Manuel could see how this change was impacting the youth he was working with, and he could also see that it was changing him, helping him mature and to realize, “It’s not what you do, but why you do it.”  Manuel took this experience back to school where he became a tutor in the AVID/MESA program. His AVID teacher gives numerous examples of Manuel reaching out to peers to tutor, to mentor and to support them, even when he has significant responsibilities of his own to complete. Manuel looks forward to a career in business administration and the opportunity to make a difference in others lives.