William Dahu

Dahu-001Meeting William, one is presented with a charming, at ease mature young man. William credits his volunteerism for helping to shape who he is today. William has been a tireless volunteer for Project READ through the Redwood City Library where he has “committed endless hours to the program over the past four years” says Gil Gaeta, a literacy specialist with the program. When he first started however, William was extremely shy and found the social challenges of school difficult enough. When William’s mother enrolled him in the Project READ program, William recalls, being apprehensive, anxious and quite nervous. Something clicked and William became inspired to help children who were having challenges in areas in which he excelled. William says volunteering changed who he is. Project READ says that William’s volunteering has changed the lives of many other children. William states that his experience with Project READ “will be my drive to look for other volunteer opportunities throughout my life, wherever it may take me.”