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We Thank Our April Sponsor of the Month: The Welch-Everett Family Trust

04/07     |    Latest News
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This month, we’re delighted to highlight a wonderful long-standing sponsor, the Welch-Everett Family Trust.

Ed Everett and Mary Welch have had a love for The Sequoia Awards that has spanned several decades. Ed was the City Manager in Redwood City and Mary was the HR Director for San Mateo County, each for over 15 years. Both have a passion for investing in youth and a focus on how to build a better community for a better tomorrow. When Ed first started attending The Sequoia Awards in the 1990s, he saw a great example of building a better community. Ed had always wanted to be a part of the board, and when the timing was right, he joined the board in 2019.

When Ed and Mary got married in 2009, in lieu of gifts, they asked wedding guests to contribute to a Sequoia Awards scholarship. Their guests were so generous, they ended up funding a full scholarship. Both received so much joy out of doing that, they decided to continue to fund scholarships every year.

The Welch-Everett Family Trust believes the community’s kids are everyone’s kids and it is up to all of us to help them succeed. Last year, they ​helped Nicole Cruz Mariche from Sequoia High School succeed. She isstudying Human Biology with the goal of becoming a physician’s assistant.

Thank you to the Welch-Evertt Family Trust for your years of support and sharing your generosity with the Sequoia Awards .

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