The Sequoia Awards offers scholarships to high school seniors who are outstanding community volunteers.

What are the eligibility requirements for the scholarship?
  • You must be a high school senior.
  • You must live in Redwood City.
  • You must have performed significant, uncompensated volunteer activities.
I attend a high school outside of Redwood City. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, if you meet the above requirements.

I attend a private high school. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, if you meet the above requirements.

I attend high school in Redwood City, but I live in Menlo Park. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

No. You must live at a Redwood City address.

I live in Emerald Hills/North Fair Oaks. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

Probably, yes. Addresses in Emerald Hills and North Fair Oaks are considered part of the greater Redwood City community. You are not eligible if your home’s postal address is in the Town of Woodside, or if your neighborhood is traditionally considered under the jurisdiction of another city.

How much are the scholarships?

In recent years we have awarded multiple scholarships ranging from $5,000 to a single top scholarship of $25,000.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

The application form is on our website.
The deadline for applications is October 31.

What information is the Sequoia Awards looking for in the application?

We are most interested in your recent volunteer activities. Your volunteer work can be done in a school environment, in the community, through a religious organization, or on a broader level nationally or internationally.

We are less interested in your academics, athletics, hobbies, or activities prior to high school. We ask for background information only to get a more complete picture of you as a person, but we are primarily interested in your non-compensated, voluntary community service.

Is there a minimum number of hours of volunteerism required?

No. The evaluation committee is just interested in your personal experience with volunteering in our community.

Does my letter of recommendation have to be from my guidance counselor?

No. The letter supporting your application can be from any non-relative who is familiar with your volunteer work.

I cannot attend the awards dinner. Is this problem?

Yes. Attendance at the awards dinner is mandatory. Scholarship awards may be withdrawn due to lack of attendance at the dinner. We have allowed an exception to this requirement only in the most extreme circumstances. If you are interested in a scholarship, you should plan on being available the night of the dinner. It is held each year in early March. Check this website for the date of this year’s event, and mark your calendar.

How and when do I collect the scholarship?

After you submit proof of enrollment in a post–secondary educational institution, your scholarship will be processed. You will receive instructions before the awards dinner.

I would like to donate. Is my donation deductible?

The IRS usually classifies donations to tax-exempt nonprofit organizations as deductible. The Sequoia Awards is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Our EIN number is 94-3148844.

Can I deduct the cost of my dinner ticket?

A portion of the ticket price may be tax deductible.  Please check with your CPA.

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