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Thanks to our February Sponsor of the Month San Mateo Credit Union

02/05     |    Latest News
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This month, we’re delighted to spotlight a long-term sponsor, San Mateo Credit Union (SMCU).

Founded in 1952, SMCU is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution committed to the financial and overall wellness of their members and the communities they serve. They live that commitment through their support for local organizations and efforts that improve the quality of life for all San Mateo County residents. In addition to providing low-cost financial products, services, and education, SMCU invests in local non-profits through scholarships, grants, and volunteerism.

In 2020, SMCU sponsored a Sequoia Awards scholarship for Rachel.Amir Chatman from Carlmont High School. Rachel.Amir graduated in 2020 and is putting her scholarship towards a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California. When asked about her community involvement, Rachel.Amir said, “Through these experiences of volunteering, I have learned that a true leader is someone willing to sacrifice, give back, and recognize the overlooked.”
We are honored to receive ongoing support from San Mateo Credit Union and are eager to see how Rachel.Amir changes the world for the better. We know she will.
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