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Sequoia Awards Alums Shelter In Place

08/12     |    Latest News
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The Covid-19 Coronavirus disrupted the educational plans of many, including Sequoia Awards scholarship alumni. SA’s Albert Lee, who leads our alumni program, touched base with a few to see how they’re doing the midst of shutdown schools and online learning.

Asha Agarwal, 2019 top scholarship winner, sent back this response: “Thank you so much for reaching out! Fortunately my family and I are doing well and are safe and just looking forward to healthier times.  I am doing online learning and its definitely different being away from campus but I am trying to make the most of the extra time I have at home with my family.” In typically selfless fashion, she added: “I was going to reach out to see if there is anything I can do to help in any way as I will be home for a long time now and have time on my hands.  I hope all is ok!”

Ryan Traynor, 2017 scholarship winner, had to head home from University of Southern California and finish his junior year of college online. He said: “I had to celebrate my 21st birthday at home with my Mom and Dad – Not what I had planned. I did set up an online game that all my friends participated in together and we were able to laugh and have fun for about 2 hours. The other problem caused by COVID-19 is all summer internships are being canceled. Since I will be a Senior in the fall, this summer internship is really important for my full-time job after I graduate. I’m still trying though, and hopefully I’ll be able to get something that will allow me to work at home but still learn about the business of film and entertainment.”

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